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Create & Educate

it is our intention to allow YOU to be creative with your barefoot massage, and grant you the ability to use your feet for myofascial release and your heels as trigger point tools while under a practiced eye in class.  

It Is our goal to mindfully educate you. With proper guidance, you will have the tools to extend your career for years to come and to allow you to give your clients the deep tissue work they covet without compromising your own body mechanics. 

We welcome you to the future of barefoot massage!

nY class offerings



3 days | 24 hours

Learn how to use your feet to provide a full body deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point work focused barefoot massage session. 

Special attention to techniques applied on posterior aspects of the client's body, as your weight and natural gravitational forces are utilized to effortlessly maintain consistent pressure.  While the work is focused primarily with the client prone, therapists will learn supine work as well.


2 days |16 hours

Adapted and brought to the United States from the Fijian and New Zealand Islands by Lolita Knight, this style of barefoot massage is performed on a floor mat, with the client clothed. Fijian Massage incorporates specific, deep pressure followed by a vigorous jostle movement to the larger muscle groups. Fijian Massage works with intensity by using our strong toes and bony aspects of our feet to create simple, rhythmic stroke repetitions.

Often times the therapist will find themselves seated in a chair or the floor while providing strokes. The use of overhead bars is not required – but a body bolstering/cushioning system is. We may stabilize our balance with the Ashi-Strap, a chair, or any other balancing tools such as a bamboo staff rather than bars.


range of motion (ROM)

2 days |16 hours

Using Passive, Active and Resisted Range of Motion techniques Traditional Thai massage, this barefoot massage technique allows the Massage Therapist to stand on a massage table and maneuver clients limbs with their feet, while holding onto overhead support for balance and leverage. This helps a practitioner effortlessly maintain consistent pressure and leverage while providing deep point holds, or long fascial stretches.

A full body sequence is taught, and can be applied while the client wears loose clothing, or embedded into any barefoot massage session using secure draping while blending ROM with gliding movements along the client's skin.

Comprehensive “feet-on” practice will allow you to explore the strokes on different clients in class, and you’ll awaken your feet’s potential to intuitively “heel” and heal within a short period of time.

Prerequisite:  FasciAshi Fundamentals, OR Equivalent: a LIVE class → 16-24 CE hour  Ashiatsu training with proof of CE + a video audition


hands free

1 day | 4 hours Or 8 hours

Class may be offered in 4 hour or 8 hour increments. Note the operating times for each class listing to determine the length. 

In this class you will learn specific barefoot massage protocols for the clients upper body with them in prone, sidelying and supine positions while the massage therapist works from a seated position.

You will learn how to use different aspects of your feet and leg weight as tools to apply deep tissue, trigger point, fascial stretch and release techniques in the cervical spine, thoracics and shoulder complex - in some cases massaging with your feet and hands simultaneously! 

This is a Bar-less protocol that does not require the use of overhead FasciAshi bars, and it allows you to remain seated the entire session.

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